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Special Events

Church of the Blues special events and activities calendar
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​Our listing of daily specials and our lineup of weekly events.
Pints of Bud $5.25!

Come on in to relax and try any one of our delicious entree’s from our Menu or just stay for a refreshing beverage.


Wings Night – .75 cents each starting at 4pm!



Acoustic Open Mic  6:30 - 9:30

hosted by

Tony OHara

and Michael Jantzen


 Breakfast is served starting at 11:00a until 12:00 noon.


The pub turns into the legendary

' Church of the Blues'

featuring cool local blues bands @ 3:00p followed by 'blues jammers' along with some surprise well-known and talented guests. 

If you can play, come and join in.  

Blues Jam happens every Sunday from 3:00p until 7:00p (sometimes later if the place is really hoppin’). Get here early 'cuz the place fills up fast.

Reservations recommended for 6 or more persons at 2:30p

Be sure to order the Pot Roast dinner complete with Yorkshire Pudding; like your Granny used to make.

Ohh man, Pot Roast and the Blues, does it get any better. Ok, maybe if you add beer....hmm.


Music Bingo         6:30 - 10:306:30 - 1hosted by the very entertaining

Cory Cassel

We are Family Friendly

Well behaved parents can bring their children as we are licensed for families until 8:30p everyday.

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Sundays   11:30a - 9:00p
Mondays    11:30a -9:00p
Tuesdays   11:30a -9:00p
Wednesdays  11:30a - 10:00p
Thursdays   11:30a -11:00p
   Fridays     11:30a -11:00p  
Saturdays   11:30a -11:00p
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